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Miss Entry Requirements

This could be a life changing experience!


Requirements for At-Large Nationals Participation

  • Be between the age of 19 and 27 years of age (May not turn 28 in the year of participation.)

  • Be of Latin American or Iberian origin by birth or ancestry and residing in the United States;

  • Reside continuously in the US for a minimum of six months prior to May 1, 2021;

  • Be single, never been married nor given birth to a child;

  • Have an attractive appearance and personality, with weight proportional to height, and a respectable reputation;

  • Be able to travel abroad if chosen national winner and have or be able to obtain the necessary documents for traveling outside of the US to compete in the international finals in Latin America.


Are there State Preliminaries to qualify for the National Competition?

Yes. If there is a state preliminary pageant for which the entrant qualifies, her entry form will be forwarded to that state's director for reply. All other entrants will be considered for "appointed titles" to participate directly as an "at-large" delegate in the National Pageant.


All delegates will be judged equally, regardless of title representation or status as a preliminary winner or at-large delegate. Entrants may apply directly to the National Pageant Office as an “at-large” delegate under the following conditions: 

  • No preliminary pageant is offered for which entrant qualifies;

  • Entrant participated previously in preliminary pageant (Must be eligible for heritage or other state representation)




A distinguished panel of judges scores candidates in the following areas of competition:

  • Personal Interview – to determine personality, intellect and qualifications to hold national title

  • Swimsuit – to determine physical condition and form

  • Evening Gown – to determine elegance, poise, beauty and grace


You’ll need: an evening gown, swimsuit, interview outfit and heritage dress.


There is NO talent competition and NO minimum height requirements. Weight must be proportional to height.



State Representation Qualifications

Eligibility for state titles is determined by meeting at least one of the following criteria, along with all other minimum eligibility requirements for pageant participants:

  • Current residency in the state of representation

  • Current student/work status in the state of representation

  • Born in the state of representation

Heritage Representation Qualifications

Entrants may also qualify to represent the Latin American or Iberian country of their heritage. The participation of “heritage” delegates in the MISS U.S. LATINA Pageant began in 2003 to highlight the diversity of nationalities that comprise the vast Latino population residing in the USA.


Eligibility for national heritage titles is determined by meeting at least one of the following criteria, along with all other minimum eligibility requirements for pageant participants:

  • Born in the country of representation

  • Have a parent/ancestor born in the country of representation


Official Language

English and Spanish are the official languages of the Miss U.S. Latina Pageant. It is NOT a requirement for contestants to speak Spanish, although it is encouraged. Interviews with judges will be conducted in the language the contestant feels most comfortable speaking.


Do delegates need to be US citizens to participate in the National competition?


No. The competition is open to anyone residing in the US who meets all the other eligibility requirements for participation.


Can someone born in another country and living in the US represent that country in the Miss

Latin America® of the World Pageant?


No. Delegates to the MISS LATIN AMERICA OF THE WORLD Pageant must participate in the competition of their respective countries of residence to win that representation. However, “heritage” representation is available in the Miss/Teen U.S. LATINA competitions for those living in the US that want to represent their birthplace or that of their parents/ancestors.

What prizes do the winners receive?


Each title winner is awarded cash and prizes from the pageant and its sponsors.




YOU could be a titleholder and on your way to becoming the next MISS U.S. LATINA! Apply Now!

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